SALSA FOR PASSION TEAM GUANGZHOU(缩写SALSA4PASSION)是 一个由广州SALSA舞爱好者组织的团队,团队的成员均为业余的SALSA爱好者,习舞多年。为了在广州推广SALSA舞,6个热爱SALSA的朋友于 2011年11月组建了SALSA FOR PASSION团队教授SALSA舞,现在团队扩大了成员规模,有8名成员一起努力推广Salsa舞。

SALSA4PASSION 致力于推广SALSA舞,团队成员在推广的过程中同时也非常注重提高自己的SALSA舞技。团队成员先后从师于世界著名的舞者,积极参加各种 SALSAWORKSHOP提高舞技,包括EDDIE TORRES, SHANI TALMOR, DARLIN GARCIA, LEON ROSE, SEAON, TERRY AND CECILE等。SALSA4PASSION团队作为广州新兴SALSA推广力量,在中国SALSA社区有着积极的影响,与各地SALSA舞推广组织均有良好的联系及互动。

团队现在拥有雄厚的师资力量,主要推纽约风格的SALSA舞,课程涉及ON2 SALSA, BACHATA,CHACHA, KIZOMBA并相应配有身体提高训练课程BODYMOVEMENT, SHINE 和LADY STYLING,受到广大学员的喜爱。

SALSA4PASSION 团队发展至今,不仅获得了广大学员的支持,也得到了各界爱好舞蹈的朋友及合作伙伴的支持,6年以来,建立教学--舞会--大型活动的循环发展模式,爱好 SALSA的朋友能够通过免费体验课感受SALSA的魅力,报名后在我们建立的SALSA HOME课室快乐学习,团队不定期组织SALSA PARTY,同时,团队也会不定期会邀请国内外知名舞者到广州进行WORKSHOP教学及交流。



SALSA FOR PASSION TEAM GUANGZHOU (SALSA4PASSION) is a team founded by a group of Salsa lovers in Guangzhou. All the team members have been amateur dancers for a long time. In order to spread the Salsa fever in Guangzhou, in November 2011, 6 friends who all share the love of salsa have come together to build this team.  Now with new members joining the team, we are together 8 team members working together to promote Salsa.

SALSA FOR PASSION TEAM GUANGZHOU is dedicated to popularize salsa in Guangzhou. At the same time all of our members are eager to learn Salsa from all the best dancers around the world. We had attended a lot of excellent dancers’workshops, including Eddie Torres, Shani Talmor, Darlin Garcia, Leon Rose,Seaon, Terry and Cecile,ect. We have learnt a lot from them, not only skills,but also their humility and from their wonderful experiences.

Salsa4Passion is now a strong teaching force, promoting NY-style of Salsa dance. The classes include On2 Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha and Kizomba. At the same time,SALSA FOR PASSION is promoting very popular physical training classes such as Body Movement, Shines and Lady Styling.

SALSA4PASSION is not only supported by its students but it works to get all our friends andpartners to join and support our community. After six years, SALSA4PASSION established classes, dance parties, and large-scale events. People interested in Salsa can even try out a free Salsa class! After registration, participatein our SALSA HOME study program and SALSA PARTY. Moreover,  SALSA4PASSION is working to bring to Guangzhou World-Famous Dancers to organize workshops and exchanges!

SALSA4PASSION is the co-organizer(2013 to 2017) and performing artist(2015-2017) of the China Salsa Festival / China Latin Dance Festival.




Dancing Changes Attitudes,Positive Attitudes Change Lives.

Salsa for Passion, Passion for Salsa!



SALSA4PASSIONs principle is:

Dancing Changes Attitudes,Positive Attitudes Change Lives.

Salsafor Passion, Passion for Salsa!

SALSA4PASSION,this word representing our understanding of Salsa, to deliver our passionthrough Salsa, to make positive changes to our life.

SALSA4PASSION, it’s not only a team of 8 members, but also the home of all friends who love Salsa.